Success Stories



Just over a year ago I began my journey with Louise when I attended my first Zumba class at Leam Lane Community Centre. My weight had ballooned considerably after a number of years of yo-yo dieting and my confidence wasn’t great. Walking into a room full of strangers, feeling fat and ridiculous was not easy; however, Louise was very welcoming (as were all the other clients in her class). As the weeks went by and I made friends and got used to being back in a class, my confidence grew.

In January, after another Christmas of being unhappy with my weight and concerned about my health (my dad died of a heart attack and I was at risk of diabetes) I decided I needed to do something about it. I had heard Louise talk about her new class and the results I could achieve. I spoke to Louise about my goals (not to mention a holiday coming up in the July) and straight away she said to me, ‘Let’s do this’ and told me she would help me to achieve my goals.

From that moment to now I have never looked back. I began Metafit that January and have been seeing the results ever since. My weight has steadily come down and Louise has always been on hand to make sure I didn’t give up and remained motivated.

Louise has never let me down and has been my true ‘Mrs Motivator’. The proof is in the results – I have lost 3 stone and I’m still going. Louise pushes me to do my best and achieve what I want to without excuses! Thank you, Louise.



Before meeting Louise I had struggled with my weight for years. In January 2013 I decided I had to do something about it and began eating less, exercising more and in 3 months I had lost a stone but became stuck and bored.

In March I went along with my aunt to a Metafit class. Louise was so welcoming and encouraging and as hard as that first class was, I was hooked. That night I cancelled my gym subscription and started attending Louise’s classes from Metafit to Zumba, all of them fantastic, so fun and so addictive!

Louise then introduced me to the 21 drop a jean size detox, she supported me massively the entire time and when it got hard or I felt like giving up she kept me on track and motivated me constantly. With her help I have now lost a total of 5 stone 8lbs and have dropped 5 jean sizes and 6 top sizes!!!

I already feel so much better about myself, I have more energy, my confidence is coming back and I am feeling like myself again.
This woman is motivating, inspiring and I couldn’t have lost this weight without her and I know she will continue to support me and help me reach my final goal. I cannot thank her enough!